Adult Literacy

Adult Basic Skills (RRR: Readin’, ‘Ritin’, & ‘Rithmatic)

As part of a larger grant to help create jobs and boost employment prospects for the rural residents near the northern Haiti community of Limonade, Sonje Ayiti sponsored and implemented an Adult Basic Skills set of courses. The 2010, post-earthquake period was the perfect time frame for hosting these satellite events, and the attendance was excellent with over 80 participants taking part. Both the United Nations Development Program and World Health Organization surveys indicate that less than 40% of all adults >30 yrs. of age have adequate literacy or mathematical skills to meet the demands that employment beyond the simplest day laborer requires. This effort to provide adult education for those seeking an increase in their employability is one that Sonje Ayiti intends to continue if adequate partnerships and funding can be obtained. There are still a great many adults in the northern Haiti area who are very willing to make the sacrifices necessary to take on this new intellectual challenge, especially as they are living in the heart of the new job market created with the opening of the Caracol Industrial Park.

If you or your group / institution would like to partner with us in any way as we pursue additional Adult Basic Skills programs, please contact us.

Post-Quake Computer Training for College Students

Tamera Eugene was one of the 20 young adults that Sonje Ayiti helped to receive computer training skills in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake.  The young adults were all college students living in Port-au-Prince either full or part-time to attend their classes.  The statistics show that 80% of all the higher education facilities in Haiti were destroyed or significantly damaged during the earthquake, and many of the students, staff, faculty and administration have truly been displaced.  Tamera, with family in northern Haiti, not only gratefully received the additional computer training that Sonje Ayiti offered to the area students who lost their chance to complete their schooling within the time-frame and at their original institutions, she also has become a valuable Sonje Ayiti staff member as our Administrative Assistant.  She is also the Director of our Eco-Trazo / Eco-Treasure program.  She is one of the many success stories that Sonje Ayiti has been able to celebrate.