Children of the RAFAVAL Women’s Coop (16)

Sonje Ayiti has worked in a close relationship with the RAFAVAL Women’s Coop since it began and has taken a personal interest in the welfare of their members and families.  The goals of this well known, Limonade-based organization have been consistently working towards empowering women to become more proactive in the support of the families, to gain both confidence and income in the work that they share in, and to improve the lives of their families and the community.  As a further aid and encouragement to helping their work within the community, Sonje Ayiti provides scholarship support for 16 of the children of RAFAVAL members.  These future leaders hold the future of Haiti in their hands, and SAO deems them worthy of our love, prayers and support.

Children of the Cima School of Hope

Scholarships are available to support childern at the Cima School of Hope.  For $245 per year, you can provide tuition, books & a uniform to a child.  We currently have 40 children on scholarship, but have 120 more children that can be supported.

If you would like to help put a child through school by offering scholarship assistance, please contact us.

Nursing School 

  • 2011 Graduate Nadia Benoit: Nadia is now working on contract with the Departement Sanitaire de l’Ouest.
  • 2012 Graduate Rose Lourdes: Rose has been working with Dr. Martine Mathieu, a Cap-Haitien Dentist, and helping Dr. Mathieu to develop a Mobile Dental Clinic that can operate in the northern Haiti area.
  • 2017 Schnaida Antoine:  Schnaida is in her 4th and final year of nursing school and would like to continue her education to become a community health nurse.
Nursing School Scholarships - Sonje Ayiti

Sonje Ayiti’s first nursing school graduate Nadia Benoit.



With his higher education studies in Port-au-Prince interrupted by the 2010 earthquake, Pierre Jovenel returned to northern Haiti.  In November 2012, Sonje Ayiti applied for and received a wonderfully insightful grant from the Haitian Ministry of the Environment that enabled Jovenel and 30+ other young adults a chance to make a significant, ecological difference in northern Haiti.  The members of this team, the Enviwonman An Se Pann / The Environment is for Everyone, worked long and hard hours, and received a small salary for their efforts.   Sonje Ayiti was given use of 16 acres of historically significant farm land in Acul du Nord, that also contained a 1-1/2 ac walled enclosure and a disused agricultural building.  This large and enthusiastic young group began working to convert the enclosure into a vibrant and producing nursery to help in the reforestation efforts in the country, to help provide much-needed fruit trees, while also training / equipping the workers for future employment in the agricultural sector.  Pierre Jovenel stood out among the group, and is now serving as our Sonje Ayiti – Nursery Director for the facility.  He is now continuing his agricultural studies in the Cap-Haitien area, and Sonje Ayiti has helped to find funding for his tuition support.  We are so proud of the work that he has already accomplished and the difference that he is making among his peers and his future value to the country’s future!  If you would like to help in his tuition support, and/or possibly to help support other future agronomists, please contact us.

We also have Lourdenie Prevoir beginning her 4th year of the 5 year Agronomy program.  She would like to specialize in Husbandry, and we would love to have her helping with our work at Sonje Ayiti upon graduation.