Integrated Partnerships

IMA / ACCorD – Grande Rivière du Nord/Bahon 

Sonje Ayiti took over as the lead NGO on this vital health care and nutrition program in July of 2012, working under the direction of Sheryl Martin, Country Director for the prime funding partner, IMA World Health. The targets of the project are the rural pregnant women and children under 23 months old living in the remote and mountainous areas of Grande Rivière du Nord and Bahon, 25-30 miles to the SE of Cap-Haitien. Working with the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) and the local hospital staff and administration, we divided up the entire surrounding communities into smaller grids, provided essential training for 20+ Community Health Workers (CHW) who have since gone out into their assigned areas to assess and evaluate the various community needs and identified the target families. That data helped us design a program of services that enhanced the entire community’s capacity to deliver quality health and nutrition services to the most vulnerable.

To date, the program has been divided into two phases, the first running from July ’12 and ending in Feb. ’13. This initial program met with great success due to the hard work and great cooperation between the SAO & IMA staff, the Ministry of Health leaders, the local CHWs, hospital nursing and administrative staff, and the community leaders and care recipients who all recognized that this program would indeed save many lives if properly managed by all. A three (3) month extension has also been granted, continuing the present level of health and nutrition delivery through April ’13. It is hoped that additional funding can be found to continue this vitally necessary program at least through June of 2015 so that the built-in sustainability of the various segments of the program will have sufficient time to develop and deliver the nutritional and health benefits at the same level as has already been achieved.

The program has already delivered quality preventive and curative nutrition services, such as community management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) through locally-managed health centers, and on community levels using local foods and several tons of Medika Mamba, a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF). The over-riding theme for the program: “Empowering My Mother Assures My Development”, has touched the lives of over a 1,000 mothers and children in the brief history of this program. These women and many more have benefited from their new family gardens planted and reaping a harvest, the goat exchange program adding milk, protein and income to struggling mountain families, as well as the recent gift of nearly 350 egg-laying chickens donated at Christmas by the children of Glen Oak Elementary School located in the northern suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.

This program has been so well received and the SAO and IMA staff have been so appreciated that the “testimonials” from the many recipients of these blessings have been very vocal and kind in their support. Thousands of those mountain villagers are praying that the program can find the additional funding necessary to sustain the program for the next several years until all the at-risk children and mothers have gained sufficient strength to thrive on their own. The program has always worked towards providing sustainable, agricultural resources that will, given the proper time and management/support, mature to help provide each of the families healthy and abundant food through their home and community gardens, goat/rabbit/chicken crops as well as the development of a managed health network through the continued services of the Community Health Workers.

Your prayers, partnership help and financial support can insure that this program can continue on through its growth cycle so that it can maintain the great benefits on its own, and lift up another Haitian community.

ACCorD Program - Sonje Ayiti

Children from Bailly waiting to be weighed in our ACCorD program.


Vibrant Village – Feeding Assistance & More

Vibrant Village has helped provide funding for various feeding programs that SAO has led, and it was through their generous donations that we were able to help prepare and deliver hot meals during the crisis that ensued during the massive floods that killed several and devastated homes and villages in the north of Haiti in mid-November 2012.

Vibrant Village has also assisted with several projects in the communities of Paulette & Phaeton.  They have funded the construction of the community cafeterias, repaired and chlorinated the water infrastructure for the communities and have invested to create structures for two new poultry farms that will provided chickens to the newly opened chicken processing plant.